Monday, November 02, 2009

So Much Love and Kindness

My mom's dearest friend very unexpectedly passed away last week. She was only 52, healthy and hilarious. She had three kids, five grandbabies, and a wonderful husband. I feel so sad for her family and for my mom, who received heaps and heaps of love and kindness from this lovely lady. She will be sorely missed, especially by my family. Rest in peace dear friend, and thank you for everything you did for my mom.

Fall is always a beautiful and much-anticipated time of year for me, but this one was a little tough. The tragic news of last week, and before that, heavy work schedules, hectic weekends, and the like, but it all was mixed with good things here and there. Things are easing now and hopefully looking up. I hope you all are doing well, enjoying your fall, and lovin' on your family and friends.

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Wendy said...

this is sad. i feel sad for your mom.