Tuesday, January 06, 2009



It's been probably eight years since I've spoken up about it being my birthday (I used to do a countdown on my in-laws' bulletin board when Trav and I were dating) but this year, I thought "What the hell?", so here it is. Today is my 31st birthday! I decided about two months ago that wanted to make a list of things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 32, and here is that list. Wish me luck!

1. See Yosemite. September 2011... finally!
2. Make a Blurb book of all my Polaroids from 2005-08. (I'm counting this.)
3. Spend more time in my kayak.
4. Go to a bluegrass festival. August 2011... finally!
5. Frolic on a beach with my husband.
6. Heal the nerve damage in my ankle.
7. Make some new local friends. (although you can never have enough)
8. Go back to knitting school and actually finish something this time. Yay!
9. Get pictures taken in every photobooth I can find.
10. Ski more than once, and not break or injure anything.
11. Start and keep up on a photo project with E. Soule.
12. Shoot with my Polaroid pack film cameras and become more comfortable with the medium.
13. Eat a meatball sub from Moochie's.
14. Go to a wine appreciation class.
15. Spend at least five nights in our tent and away from home.
16. Have an inanimate object photo shoot in the West Desert.
17. Plant trees in our backyard.
18. Learn to throw a better forehand drive.
19. Shoot at least five rolls of film each in my K1000 and my Lubitel.
20. Take a Lifelong Learning course at the University of Utah.
21. Make this deliciousness.
22. Make some arty collages.
23. Learn how to maintain my website myself.
24. Find lamps for my front room.
25. See Band of Annuals in concert.
26. Go to Wyoming Downs, purely for the people-watching.
27. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows in the fire pit out back. (Close enough.)
28. Make wood boxes to display my photos on. (I think this counts.)
29. Use the watercolor paints I bought on a whim like five years ago.
30. Find two new bands to love.

31. Eat a peanut butter sandwich on the rickety deck beneath Jardine Juniper.


madorange said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fantastic day and celebration. And good luck with the list.

Spring Break said...

Big list - you better get started!

Wendy said...

Can I come?!

Happy Birthday BTW.

kristin said...

great list i hope you update it as you check things off! xo kristin happy birthday.

Doug Richardson said...

Happy birthday! As an "old guy" (my seventeen year-old will confirm this)I wish you the best for 2009 and your 31st year. There are a lot more to come.

Steph Parke said...

Thanks everybody!

Wendy: Of course, and you'd better!

Travis said...

I will be more than happy to assist you in having number 31 come true.

Molly said...

Happy birthday!

Steph Parke said...

Thanks Molly!

Trav, I have a feeling you'll be assisting me in many more than just #31.

C Gary Moyer said...

Happy Birthday! If you finish half your list, that would still be awesome....especially for a slacker like me :)