Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best of 2008

Yes, 2009 is here, but when I saw this, I knew I had to digress and talk about my highlights of '08. That Andrea, she always has the greatest ideas, the most colorful photos, the best stories, and she probably doesn't realize that I admire her, or that I even exist, so maybe she won't care that I'm copying her. I even imitated her list by doing my own. So thank you Andrea for the unknowing inspiration you provide me. Enough said. Here are my favorite happenings from the past year, in the order they occurred.

1. spent the first week of the year huddled in a woodsy cabin with my dreamy man
Brundange Bungalow #5

2. watched five Sundance films at the Ogden Egyptian Theater

3. fell head over heels in love with Polaroid
my SLR 680

4. chilled in the early spring sunshine beneath Delicate Arch
Arch Hog!

5. rode Front Runner, Northern Utah's brand new commuter rail line

6. bought our second home and moved in and even survived the whole ordeal

7. made friends with our awesome neighbors

8. joined The Photo Trade and received some really beautiful images

9. hiked the Taylor Creek trail in Zion
Taylor Creek Trail

10. discovered Oops! panties at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere, Utah, and almost needed some after laughing so hard

11. dreamed up an all-Polaroid issue of Light Leaks and with the help of an amazing staff and lots of extremely talented contributors, sold out our first issue ever

12. fell hard for Lonestar Taqueria
Lonestar tacos

13. took a Polaroid of Grace Potter and had her autograph it
Grace Potter!

14. danced barefoot to Yonder Mountain String Band at Red Rocks
Red Rocks

15. shot one whole roll in my Holga

16. rode the mountain coaster

17. tweaked my foot and ankle in one fell swoop and made a new friend in the process

18. rode a potato sack down the big yellow slide at the state fair
the big yellow slide

19. went on a girl weekend to Oregon
beach feet

20. ate tasty sugary treats at Saint Cupcake with Elizabeth Soule

21. climbed into a photobooth for the first time in 14 years
Best $3 I ever spent.

22. ate at the Blue Bayou inside Pirates of the Caribbean

23. rode the Matterhorn three times in a row

24. gave a K1000 a good home
Look who joined the family!

25. met my new nephew

26. had solo shows of my work at Martine and the Sprague Branch of the Salt Lake Library, and juried and had work in The Holga Show at Saans Downtown

27. found Jen Crowell

28. finally got a Mac

29. went to two Christmas parades

30. scanned 100+ Polaroids from my youth and made a Blurb book for my family, finally


e.soule said...

I made your list! I love all the photos you used to supplement this list. The oops panties....what are they made of that makes them so disposable? Perhaps we'll have to find some when I'm out there.

Otto K. said...

what a cool idea. :)