Monday, December 27, 2010


If you don't like the cold, I urge you to move along and not read this post because it's going to make you cold! We had planned on snowshoeing on Sunday, but Friday, as we drove through Ogden Valley on our way to my family's cabin for Christmas Eve festivities, we saw that Pineview Reservoir still had open water. It was right then and there that snowshoeing got put on the back burner, and our plan changed to kayaking.

The weather report called for possible rain/snow and 40˚ on the Wasatch Front, so we decided to go for it. A couple of years ago, we kayaked when it was right around 20˚so this was nothing. What we didn't expect was a full-on snowstorm up in the mountains. We were prepared though, with lots of layers, waterproof clothing, pogies to keep our hands warm and dry on the paddles, spray skirts, waterproof booties, and hot drinks back in the car. It snowed three inches while we were out on the water, making the drive home just as adventurous as the kayaking.

Our launch was unique. As we hauled our boats down the snow-covered beach to the water, I suggested to my husband to get in and just sled down the hill. He did, and plopped right into the water just like a penguin, then did it twice more just for fun. I followed suit, squealing all the way in, then we paddled around the small area of open water around us. On the edges, slush floated in the water, giving way to ice. It was, in a very, very trivial amount, a little Shackleton-esque, cracking through the ice and getting stuck here and there. The crackling ice noise was very disconcerting, and I can't imagine hearing that while not in a boat. It was creepy, to say the least. What follows are a few of our photos and a couple videos for our prosperity and hopefully your enjoyment (or astonishment at the two idiots kayaking in a snowstorm).

The Penguin Put-In

Crackling Ice Noise

That's me up there!

Monday, December 06, 2010


No words today, just some new photos and a hello.