Sunday, January 06, 2013


Up until a week ago, I forgot about making a list of things to do for my upcoming year. (35! How am I already 35?!) Usually, I take a couple of months to really think about what I'd like to try to do but this year, thanks to school and work, my life has turned into a mad rush. Some of the things are carried over from last year, partly because a couple of them just didn't happen, but also because some are worthy of repeating. Some will be monumental, some will be quiet achievements. Either way, I'm looking forward to a successful and happy 35th year. In no particular order...

1. Lose 30+ pounds
2. Try 10 new foods
3. Graduate with a masters degree
4. Get a job in my field
5. Host a backyard BBQ
6. Ride the Matterhorn
7. Get to a national park
8. Stay in a yurt
9. Kayak
10. Try 25 new recipes
11. Make a wheat beer
12. Watch a meteor shower
13. Take a drive on Mirror Lake Highway
14. Camp in the Uintas
15. Shoot some doubles
16. Go to an outdoor music venue
17. Celebrate 4th Nut Brown Day
18. Catch two shows in one week
19. See a band I've never seen live
20. Spend some time at the cabin
21. Take my niece swimming
22. Take my nephew on a train
23. Take more pictures of my family
24. Road trip to Idaho
25. Master guacamole
26. Make a new treat at Christmas
27. Update the blog twice a month
28. Go to a museum
29. Sell some framed pieces
30. Submit work to High Desert Journal
31. Hang out with Vanessa
32. Stand on sandstone
33. Drink coffee
34. Make a recipe I've been avoiding (soft pretzels? bagels? grilled artichokes?)
35. Get a new Christmas tree skirt


tom@morethanpepper said...

like number 33

Laney Butler said...

I like your list! Happy 2013!

Anita Writes said...

Funny, I just did No. 18.

nessavay said...

you already did 31! but let's do it again this year.