Thursday, January 06, 2011



I'm 33 today! I always thought 33 would feel different, and 30-32 for that matter, but the truth is that I still feel like I'm 18 some days, 12 other days, 5 on days like Christmas, and on a few rare occasions, I feel like I'm 80. (Hence the heating pad I finally broke down and bought a few weeks ago, but I just pretend it's so I can keep warm on cold days.) It's become tradition to make a birthday list a la Awesome Andrea Jenkins (I'm pretty sure that's her full legal name). I still have some unfinished things from my 31st and 32nd years, but I can always work on those this year too. I'm excited about this year's list because it's going to keep me active. I want this year to be a healthy year, one with lots of creativity, eating well, hiking, kayaking, and traveling and I can't wait to get started. Wish me luck!

1. Say yes. Grad school was a very big yes.
2. Ride the Xtreme zip line.
3. Refrain from buying plastic-bottled water. I think I purchased less than 10 bottles all year and I'm keeping it up!
4. Celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss. Thanks, Yosemite!
5. Listen to a little mountain music at Targhee.
6. Send some postcards.
7. Take a class, any class. Thanks Blazing Needles!
8. Turn off the computer two nights a week.
9. Use my passport.
10. Make a 2012 calendar.
11. Post here at least once a week.
12. Run some IR through my Holga.
13. Shoot some redscale film. Doubles with Vanessa!
14. Walk on a beach with my husband. Thanks, Tahoe!
15. Skip rocks.
16. Explore a new city. Austin!
17. Watch a movie outside. Wind
18. Read five books. (Settled in the Wild, Lost in My Own Backyard, The Sylvan Path; Fire Season; Black Sun)
19. Remodel the kitchen. DONE!!
20. Organize my recipes.
21. Knit a beanie. My first hat!
22. Run a 5K. - I biked 39 miles in one day. Does that count?
23. Swim.
24. Kayak.
25. Bag a peak.
26. Camp. (11 nights so far: 6 in a tent, 2 in a yurt, 3 in a tent cabin in Yosemite)
27. Stargaze.
28. Sway in a hammock.
29. Rock out at 10 concerts.
30. Make some Christmas gifts. Thanks Blurb!
31. Revamp the office.
32. Get some shelves for my cameras and display them.
33. Make a conscious effort to put only one space between sentences. Old habits die hard. (Much easier than I thought!)


Bent - Matthew Jasperson said...

Nice list. I'm wishing you luck on 1-33! One question, where do you plan to source the IR film. I'd love to see what you end up producing with that!

Steph Parke said...

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the comment! I'll be getting IR film from B&H Photo.


Katrina said...

i just stumbled across your blog... love, love your photos and your list. happy birthday!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday! this list is awesome and I think I would like to do most of these things too!

Though 33 has me a bit worried. It's not two spaces any more? When did that change? I always use one space, but I've felt guilty about it for years. Now I guess I don't have to?

madorange said...

Great list Steph! Happy Birthday!

I think it was last year that someone told me that it was no longer correct to put 2 spaces between sentences and I was totally appalled that I didn't even know about it! I managed to break the habit pretty easily, although sometimes I do slip. :)

I remember 33 being quite a lot of fun! Enjoy!

lisa said...

I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!
So loving this shot!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to year 33. It's pretty nice. (It's where I am too)

Love your list Steph! Am looking forward to seeing pictures of these things as you accomplish them. :)

Elisabelle said...

happy birthday!!!!!

wow!! how many cameras do you have???

Carla said...

HI Steph, Happy Birthday.. Just found your blog and it is amazing. .Wonderful photos. Have a great birthday and enjoy the list. Carla

darren said...

I like that... what a superb collection of cameras.

Good to have goals too. I just turned 37, and was quite surprised at how different it felt. I guess it's a tip towards forty....

debbie said...

We're the same age! Great job on #21, isn't knitting so satisfying? I love how many of yours involve the outdoors. :)