Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yarn Bomb

Yarn bombing has come to Salt Lake City on a very as-yet small scale thanks to the Outdoor Retailer show, Ibex, Blazing Needles, and of course, local knitters. Compared to other amazing feats of yarn bombing, these are really, really tame but it's a start. A week or so ago when I was making a few last stockinette stitches on my first hat, Cynthia at Blazing Needles was gathering up knitted pieces to hand over to Ibex and asked if I'd go shoot some photos of the finished products, so I did. I think the whole knitting community was expecting a lot more, something much more showy and not so hidden, but Ibex was running a contest for attendees of the Outdoor Retailer show so this is what they did. Despite it being pretty lame compared to what I had in my mind, it was still cool to see and I enjoyed the nice photo walk.

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jackie said...

I haven't seen those in Halifax, at least not yet. I think it adds nice color to the city especially in the winter.