Thursday, January 20, 2011

My First Hat

I might have to change the name of my blog to PhotoKnitSteph because I think it's going to be inundated with photos of knitted things. Just wait. This photo of a knitted thing makes me very, very happy. I took the "My First Hat" class at fabulous Blazing Needles and finished up last night. I intended on making the hat for my husband since he called first dibs, but I'm not sure what I did that made it so bucket-like and girlie. Needless to say, I very proudly took ownership of it and have to make him his own now.

It was surprising to me how quickly the hat came together, and ultimately how easy it was. The double-pointed needles, as they sat in their package, completely intimidated me but it turns out they weren't scary at all, just a little awkward to work with at first. To be honest, the circular needle freaked me out at first too, but it was very easy to use. And I might as well admit that knitting in general freaked me out when I first started. I'm still quite nervous that I'll make a mistake and not know how to fix it and have to drive all the way to Blazing Needles to have someone help me, but that's a bridge I'll cross if/when it happens. So far so good! Tomorrow I'll be heading back to the shop though because it seems that I left my circular needle on the table last night when I left class, and I need yarn for my husband's beanie. I also have my eye on some pretty turquoise Cascade 220. Like I need more yarn. What I do need though is a yarn keeper, a bin, a bag, a tote. Something cool to keep it all in. I'll be on the lookout.

Well, I'm off to admire my new hat in the mirror again. Yeah, I've been wearing it all morning.

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