Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

With tomorrow being the first day of fall, and the fact that I haven't posted practically all summer, I thought I'd let you in on what I did during my summer vacation. (Vacation?! Ha!)

our new space
relaxed on our awesome new deck

Hickman Bridge
road-tripped to Capitol Reef, this time with friends

the photographer
went on a nerdy photo outing with my favorite nerdy photo pal

shaved asparagus pizza
learned to love asparagus, thanks to this delish pizza

huckleberry sodas
remembered how much I love ice cream sodas, which then became a staple at Pie Sundays

sang and hippie-danced in the mountains at Targhee Fest

spent a week in Boise National Forest

snapped up my dad's extra season ticket at several Ogden Raptors games, thanks Dad!

spent a week in Yellowstone, the Tetons, and surrounding forests

juniperus scopulorum
hiked to Jardine Juniper, after much too long of a hiatus

finally developed a love for beer!

Bennett's Rock Rapid
got soaked on the Main Fork of the Payette on our first whitewater rafting trip

kayaked, camped, and lazed about for days at Payette Lake

cotton candy
trekked many a day into the field for the Forest Service

took our 3rd trip to Capitol Reef this year, and picked the most delicious apples

saw Mono Lake's Tufa Towers through my own lens

Monday, September 20, 2010

100 Things I Love*

1. stationery
2. winter beanies
3. snowflakes
4. kitchen stores
5. old wooden canoes and oars
6. lake swimming
7. beaches
8. SmartWool socks
9. screen-printed tea towels
10. woodcut prints
11. internet shopping
12. rain
13. crunchy leaves
14. Pie Sundays
15. Polaroids
16. typography
17. white serving dishes
18. woodsmoke
19. outdoor concerts
20. the smell of sunblock
21. craftsman cottages
22. hemp
23. bookstores
24. Sunset
25. kayaking
26. Post-it notes
27. hockey games
28. corn on the cob
29. chile verde
30. rain chains
31. crushed red pepper
32. graphic design
33. long aimless drives
34. felted bowls
35. crisp new sheets
36. rocks
37. vintage Yellowstone postcards
38. coffee shops
39. owls
40. city skylines
41. jam bands
42. rainbow chip frosting
43. food magazines
44. colorful tents
45. bluegrass
46. jute
47. cartoons my husband draws
48. trail mix
49. towering sycamores
50. Rummy
51. Oregon
52. the Brooklyn Bridge
53. ferry rides
54. people-watching
55. flying
56. Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk
57. Ponderosa pines
58. whistle pigs
59. bulldogs
60. cooking
61. a candle burning inside a jack-o-lantern
62. down jackets
63. cilantro
64. maps
65. dill pickles
66. my grandma's laugh (oh, how I miss it)
67. swaying in a hammock
68. the Matterhorn
69. streusel
70. luggage
71. square photos
72. cinnamon rolls
73. the smell of darkroom chemicals
74. hurricane lanterns
75. vintage glass fishing floats
76. totem poles
77. onions in my eggs
78. pasta salad
79. old cameras
80. sea stacks
81. wide open landscapes
82. meandering rivers
83. yarn
84. the color orange
85. cupcakes
86. mason jars
87. apricot beer
88. homemade granola
89. mixed media
90. Western literature
91. Dole pineapple whips
92. onion bagels with scallion cream cheese
93. Airstream trailers
94. stargazing
95. greenhouses
96. misty harbor towns
97. cobblestone streets
98. trolleys
99. rosemary
100. strings of white lights

*inspired (of course) by the always amazing Andrea, and also by Juli, who reminded me that I wanted to compile this list.