Thursday, January 29, 2009


Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday afternoon

#12 on my list is coming along nicely, as long as I use this beautiful Polaroid Blue 100 film. I went down to Creekside Park on Tuesday afternoon and wandered around in the new snow and shot a bunch of photos. I finished off a b/w roll in my Lubitel that's been in there since we went to McCall, Idaho last New Year. I can't even remember what's on it! I also shot half a roll in my K1000, and these two blues. Creekside is so photogenic. It's where we play disc golf in the summer, but to my surprise, there were some diehards playing in the snow while I was there, and it made me excited for the warm weather ahead.

If you missed my previous post (feel free to scroll down), Elizabeth and I unveiled our collaboration on Tuesday, and we're so happy about it! Please visit our blog, Common Places Different Spaces and Flickr photostream to see all the photos and to find out more about it.

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