Sunday, January 04, 2009

Owls from Liz

owls from Liz
Last summer, I somehow came across Liz Barker on Flickr. I loved her photos and commented here and there. Shortly after we "met", Liz was looking for a folding SX-70 and I happened to know where to get one (thanks Amanda!), so I got it and sent it to her, and ever since, she's been sending me wonderful things in the mail. The latest, for example, are these cool vintage owls. Thankfully I was home alone when the mail came because when I unwrapped the first owl, I jumped up and down, but when I saw the next two, the jumping quickly turned into something resembling Elaine's dance, which sadly, I can do quite well. So, thank you Liz for the owls, the lovely little felted ball magnets, and your friendship. You're the best.


amanda said...

they are so cute and i just discovered her awesome polas myself.
lovely polaroid, steph!

Anonymous said...

steph, i've been a BAD blogger! i just read this. you're so sweet.