Monday, January 12, 2009

Lucky Ball

lucky ball

What a crazy weekend it's been. I know it's Monday night, but that's when my weekend ends because I'm always off Mondays. I started out Thursday night by overstretching my calf muscle (I'm back in physical therapy. Long story.) and hobbling around all weekend. That was fun. Friday night, my husband had his brother over for pizza and a movie, so I gave them some alone time by walking around Target for two hours where I seriously considered buying a Polaroid Pogo. Instead, I came home and bought a bunch of ID-UV pack film from Office Depot. I figure I should get my hands on as much Polaroid film as I can before it's gone, and then I can buy novelty items like the Pogo.

In fact, Saturday I stooped to a new low to do so. As a joke, because I despise the place, my dad gave me a Walmart gift card for my birthday. His plan was to just tease me with the card and then give me cash but instead, I got Polaroid greedy and kept the card. I went to WT Hell on a Saturday afternoon no less and exchanged the gift card for four single packs of 600, and practically ran back to the car and drove like the wind to get home so I could wash my hands and my conscience. We met our friends Wendy and Troy at the bowling alley later that day, bowled a few games, made fun of a few people, and took lots of pictures. I just love bowling. Ever since I was a kid I've wanted a bowling lane in my house. We went out to dinner after bowling and then played board games at our house and laughed our asses off. We talked about getting new tattoos and Troy's idea for his was the best: "'Sup Bitch" across his chest. We love you guys. Thanks for hanging out with us.

Sunday was slightly leisurely. We had breakfast at The Other Place in SLC with Mary, Katie, and Cass (our aunt and cousins) and almost stayed for lunch. It's that good. Trav worked on manly plumbing issues all day while I just hung out, and that night we made yummy cheddar cauliflower soup. After dinner, I walked upstairs and saw that the sun was out for the first time all day so I yelled to Trav to get his shoes on. We were going to the desert. Within five minutes, we were on the freeway. I've been dying to take some more Polaroids in the West Desert but the weather just hasn't been cooperating but it finally did last night. We got out to Saltair about 20 minutes later and I frantically took five Polaroids and ten Pentax K1000 shots and then the sun set. It was beautiful. We grabbed ice cream on the way home and crashed on the couch together for some bad tv.

I started out today with a trip to the DMV to renew my driver's license. I actually like my photo so that was a positive experience. I dropped off my K1000 film at Walgreens and then worked at home all day. I also went to Saans Downtown to talk with Shalee, the curator, about what I'm putting in her upcoming "For the Love of Polaroid" show in February. I took my binder of every Polaroid I've taken since 2005 and we came up with a great idea. I can't wait to sort everything out and get it framed and ready to go. It's going to be an amazing show. There is an open call for entries, and these submissions will fill up the windows of the gallery, and then Amanda Moore, Elizabeth Soule, Sean Tubridy, Josh Caldwell, and I will each have a 5x5' section in the main gallery to display our Polaroids. It's going to be insanely cool, so if you're in the area, the reception is on February 20. I'm so excited about it.

And that pretty much sums up my weekend. We refinanced our house tonight too because interest rates are so low, and I visited my mom for a couple hours and now I'm home and it's only 9 and I want to crawl into bed. I'm beat. I don't think I've ever talked this much about my life on my blog! Don't worry, it's not going to become habit. Hope your weekend was just as busy and fun as mine.

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Wendy said...

S'up Bitches!?
We had loads of fun...thanks for having a birthday.