Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stupid Thing

I heart this place.

I was driving home from work tonight and got within a half mile of my house when I experienced a first for me. I was at an intersection where I normally see a lot of stupid things happen, and today, I was that stupid thing. People in my town are terrible drivers who never use turn signals, never get in the turning lane to turn, don't go around other people who are turning, drive too slow, drive way too fast, are always preoccupied by kids and cell phones, etc. Well, I was sitting at this intersection waiting for the light to turn green, and it did, and of course the person in front of me was turning left without a signal. I groaned, checked my blind spot which was a giant sun flare but I saw no one, and turned my wheel right and hit the gas and all of a sudden, there was a car. I heard my car hit it. I yelled bad words and sat there for a couple of seconds. The woman driving the other car was doing probably 25 and never hit her breaks as she flew around the corner. I crept up to the corner to see if she had stopped on the other street, and no, she was a good half mile away already and not slowing down. I collected myself and drove home to find a good set of scratches on the right front of my bumper, and called my husband to report my first accident.

But here's where it gets interesting. I know that karma's a bitch so I called the police and according to Officer Whomever, technically I didn't leave the scene of the accident so I'm not at fault, and technically she's the one who hit me because I had the right-of-way. "Technically" was Officer Whomever's word of the day. I was very happy I called, technically. Now I've just got a bunch of scratches on my little Subaru and perhaps a small dent in my pride, but at least that's all. Thank God I was just on a surface street going 1 MPH instead of on the freeway doing 80. Uh, I mean 65, Officer. To decompress, I walked in the house and turned "The Great Gig in the Sky" on as loud as it would go. Ahhh...

And no, this post has nothing to do with the photo up top but it's one of my favorite Polaroids I've ever made and I just wanted to share it. I heart the Great Salt Lake.

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