Thursday, November 05, 2009


It's Polaroid Week and it's Thursday and I'm just now getting my head in the game. Monday would have been my day to get out and shoot, but I was on a Forest Service field trip all day and the light was just not conducive to Polaroid-making, and yesterday I planned to get out on my lunch break and then ended up getting stuck at work, and the one Polaroid I did shoot in the morning ended up getting lost between my desk at work and my house, so after visiting my mom and having dinner with my dad last night, I decided I needed to make something happen. (Was that just the longest sentence ever?) I took my SLR 680 out at night and made some dark Polaroids filled with light which I am quite thrilled with, except the one obvious piece of film that would have been awesome but I jammed my camera on the piece of the bridge that I was using as a tripod of sorts and the goo squished out the back. It's still an ok shot as far as a funky finished product goes, but not at all what I had imagined. I'll have to go back. Anyway, Happy 'Roid Week to you all. I hope it's been great!

And today is my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!


madorange said...

These are all fabulous Steph, but I especially love the second one down. Awesome.

And happy birthday to your dad! :)

Nick Leonard said...

Night 'roids always look awesome! The top shot really does it for me. :]

Tim said...

I love these. LOVE these. that last shot is magical.

Vee said...

these are pure magic! love!!

Shukura Li said...

one question please

when u took these pics at night..were they taken with or withut flash?

as my polaroid i cant turn off the flash so i was jus wondering