Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The purpose of this Polaroid is twofold. Let's start with the big BIG news first. I made a book! Just last night, I uploaded 142 pages of photo goodness to Blurb, and I'm now very anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy of Into the Woods: A Season on the National Forests. It's not available to the public just yet; I want to check it out first and make sure it's ok. I have to admit that this book was mostly motivated by #2 on my list, although it's not specifically Polaroid and it doesn't span those years, I feel like I accomplished my goal. Plus, I think my initial goal was a little grandiose. If I made a book with all of my Polaroids from 2005-08, it would have been a 350+ page book. So, this one is a much more affordable option! Inside are over 160 photos: color, b/w, Polaroid, film, and yes, just a few digital. It spans my entire season with the Forest Service, and I am so very proud of it. So that's it. That's my news. Oh, and this image? It's in the book.

Secondly, this time of year it's very easy to get caught up in the hurried flurry of shopping and baking and decorating and partying, but in between all that busy-ness, I realize just how fortunate I am. It's been a weird year for me, what with an extra job and all the traveling that came with it. My husband has had an insane year of work and full-time school, and it's just now dawning on me that this will be my first set of holidays without my grandma. But still, I am so thankful for my marriage, my home, my family, my job(s), my friends, my traditions. Tomorrow will be filled with amazing food made by my amazing dad, and there will be a whole lot of laughs and stories, and even more mooches and squeezes from my niece and nephew. It will be a happy day, and I hope yours will be too. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


Anonymous said...

yes yes yes to everything you said! i srsly cannot wait to see this book, it sounds incredible. and maybe, just maybe i'll be able to afford a copy!

don't forget to be thankful for your cameras and film, i know i am!


Tim said...

awesome post. Happy Thanksgiving.

Steph Parke said...

Thanks ES! I'm only offering the book as a softcover version, so hopefully it will be affordable. :)

Thank you Tim! Same to you.