Sunday, November 29, 2009

New York City #1

I've been home from New York City for two weeks now, so it's about time I made a proper post about it, and it's going to be in long segments, but before you read any further, head over to 8tracks, click play, and then come back to read. It's our NYC playlist, because every trip should have a playlist.

I think Heather and I started saying "Wouldn't it be fun if I came to visit you in New York?" back in August, and by the first of September, I bought plane tickets, and then came the agonizingly long wait till November 12. I flew to Chicago Midway and got delayed two hours, then on to LaGuardia. (I should preface this next bit by reminding you that I am from a small city in Utah, and that I now live in a very small town in Utah, and that I have an orchard over my back fence, deer in my yard on a regular basis, and I'm usually in bed by 10pm. Oh, and I don't normally use public transportation.) Two nights before I left for my first-time-since-I-was-8 NYC adventure, I was so freaked out by the thought of flying to the east coast alone, staying in Manhattan, and just being in New York City, that I very, very briefly considered bagging the whole trip. But duh, that would have been the most stupid thing I could have ever done. Fears and nervousness aside, I walked on the plane in SLC, started watching movies on my iPod and knitting, and soon enough I wound up in New York City for a few days of fun with Heather, and oh man was it fun!

I waited for a cab at the airport and gave the driver directions to Heather's place. It was only about 7pm, but dark of course, so the city lights looked so pretty as I was driven over Triborough Bridge. That's the moment I realized I was in New York City, and suddenly all my scaredy-cat feelings disappeared. A few minutes later, I handed the driver some cash and called Heather to come let me in. About an hour later, we were on the A train headed toward Serendipity for overpriced but good cheeseburgers and their signature crazy delicious Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. We strolled along Fifth Avenue after dinner and saw Christmas displays going up in all the shop windows, and then through Rockefeller Center and saw the scaffolding going up around the Christmas tree, and watched ice skaters down on the rink below. We walked past Radio City Music Hall and stopped for a few photos, and then on to my official "Welcome to New York City!" greeting at Times Square. I thought the "Oh my gosh, I'm in New York!" feeling on the Triborough Bridge was cool, but Times Square?! Whoa. The lights and the crowds and the noise! Did I mention the lights? We found a spot atop the ruby red stairs and I just stood there with my chin on the ground for about ten minutes. It was amazing! (You'll hear that a lot from me in the next few days.) We rode the Subway back home and stayed up till almost 2AM. I know, I'm a total rebel.

Tune in tomorrow for the second installment of NYC...


Nick Leonard said...

Sounds like a blast. I can't wait to visit NYC someday. I'm a total city guy, since I'm from Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

haha. . your writing in this post, reads like nyc. fast and full of a million things. does that make sense? haha.

either way great photos.