Monday, October 26, 2009


I spent a few hours at the cabin with my dad last Sunday and yesterday, but I was sad to see that in a week, autumn was all but done. Last Sunday is when I made these Polaroids and a bunch of little Instax images, but as we were driving past the lake, up into the mountains toward the cabin, we could see that the golden yellow aspens were reduced mostly to bare white branches and the oaks had dropped all their reds and oranges too. It was still beautiful of course, but just a little naked. The nice thing about it all is that now the ground has a thick carpet of crunchy colorful leaves, perfect for taking nerdy shoe self-portraits. I couldn't resist. I got new Keens. I just chalked it up to learning how my Instax camera reacts on its different settings when I've ghetto-taped over the flash.

Anyway, these three golden yellow Polaroids are my offerings for this week's post over at Words to Shoot By. I do hope you'll check it out. Our second guest contributor joined us today. It's Tracy of Prickly Pear Bloom!

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