Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I went to a local nursery/garden center a couple Mondays ago and had a marvelous time wandering around, loading up a little faded red wagon with plants and seeds for my yard. The sun was out and it was warm and springy (as opposed to today!). I was in heaven. I toted along my Polaroid SLR 680, my Diana, and my K1000, and shot more photos than I have in a long time. I kept getting really funny looks from people, but I really felt that I was in my element there. I just love gardening, and garden stores. They're so full of potential, I get giddy just looking at tiny green sprouts ready to be embedded in the earth. And of course, adding a camera to the mix, well, I was in heaven. I'd never taken a camera with me to a garden store until now, and I think I'll have to make it a regular occurrence. The light in greenhouses is amazing. So soft and diffused. It makes me want to construct a greenhouse at home just for the light! I'd probably throw a few plants in, just to keep it real.

This Polaroid of Lupine leaves is my favorite from the day, and I've just added it to my shop, where it, along with everything else there is 25% off now through Friday only. I feel like I should make it more apparent that I'm having a big sale, so SALE SALE SALE!! 25% OFF!! Help a starving artist! Make a girl's day! Enable a Polaroid junkie to buy one more pack of film! Put some art on your walls!

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