Thursday, April 30, 2009


I know, not nearly as old a date as my previous post, but still impressive considering this is instant film that expired almost 13 years ago, and still more impressive is that it's Kodak, which was discontinued/recalled in '86 because of patent infringement. A fellow photog from gifted me two packages of the film a couple of years ago and in a camera-buying frenzy two weeks ago, I scored a $2 Kodak Colorsplash 50. I loaded a fresh J-type 6-volt battery and a pack of the expired film, and stepped outside on the porch and aimed into the fading evening light. I thought for sure the chemical pods would be completely dried out, so when these weird globs appeared, I got really excited. I think I'll turn the remaining 17 pieces of Kodak instant into a project. I'm thinking something as simple as abstract landscape blobs. I'm not sure yet, but I'm happy to have new camera to have some fun with, even if it's extremely temporary.

The first image is the very first piece of Kodak film I've ever shot. I mistakenly peeled it apart, thinking I was supposed to, but I fell in love with the bright layers of goop. The second image is the front and back of one piece of film that I didn't peel apart. I think I might try peeling more apart.

Chris, if it was you who gave me the film all that time ago, thank you! You've put an instant smile on my face.


madorange said...

These are really great Steph. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of them.

claire said...

how great! i love those landscapes.