Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at Little Dell

We took the kayaks out yesterday for the first time this season, and although our outing began as a comedy of errors of sorts, it turned out quite nice. We left the house and drove up Parley's Canyon in Salt Lake City, headed for Little Dell, and saw that the water was ice-free and stunningly gorgeous, but the gates were all locked. Not wanting to break any rules, we headed for East Canyon Dam - or what we thought was East Canyon - and found ourselves driving down Emigration Canyon and back into downtown Salt Lake. Evidently we took a wrong turn. We drove back up Parley's, looking for a turnoff to East Canyon that we must have missed and found that the gate to East Canyon was also locked and was obviously inaccessible. So, with no other body of water but gorgeous Little Dell, we parked in the top lot next to the main road and carried our kayaks down a trail of muddy switchbacks and put in.

We were the only ones on the water (obviously) and it was glorious, to say the very least. It was a bit windy, but the sun was out in full force. I started out paddling with my pants rolled up to my knees so I could get a little sun, but the waves from the wind kept splashing me and it was ice cold, so I rolled my pants down and put on my spray skirt. I took my Polaroid 220 out for its first working outing, and my Kodak Duaflex III that I'd never shot film in, but when we were loading the boats up in the parking lot, we realized the dry bags didn't make it out of the garage. I was desperate to make some photos, so I brought them along without any sort of protection. The Duaflex was small enough to fit alongside my seat and stayed dry, but the 220 I pushed up in the bow of my boat and it got a little wet and there's a chunk of mud on the case, but they both worked great. This first Polaroid shot I made in my kayak, on the water, with wind, waves and cold hands. I like it. It's from my last pack of 669 that expired in June 2006. I wish I had more!

We paddled and floated around beautiful Little Dell for a couple of hours and then had to head home and north to a family Easter dinner. To get the kayaks up to the car, we opted for the internal road that was locked up rather than the muddy trail. We paddled to the boat ramp and headed up the 1/4 mile-long dry, paved road (where I shot this second Polaroid), and schlepped/slogged/hauled our boats all the way up to the car. After paddling against the wind for a while, your arms tire, then carrying two 42lb. boats and various lightweight accessories up a hill, up a 1/4 mile hill, well, let's just say that typing on my keyboard is the most strenuous activity I will put my arms through today. My hands, entire arms, and shoulders are trashed, but I would gladly do it again and again if it meant I could spend the day kayaking with my husband. I hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine.

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Wendy said...

Sounds like fun...but I would've reported you. (And if you know me, you know that is so far from true). Anyway, happy easter.

Kristy said...

Fun! Great pictures as always. I want to go paddling with you sometime soon!

washi said...

What lovely pics Steph. I went paddling on a lake last year for the first time and I loved it...which says a lot as I'm scared of everything :-D