Friday, April 17, 2009

Chips and Salsa

My husband really loves it when I take photos of him. He also loves it when I post said photos on the internets. (Note the sarcasm.) I've recently started shooting a lot of negative film again - as opposed to just Polaroid - as I'm sure you have noticed if you follow me on Flickr at all, and I've fallen in love with my vintage Diana toy camera again. It's been about two years since I used it last, and this image is from the last roll I ran through it back then. We kayaked Pineview that day. It was late June of the first year with our kayaks. We put in on what I guess you could call the neck of the Point. It was a little sheltered beach just past the sheriff's cabin on the north side, which as of last year is closed by way of new No Parking signs standing sentinel over the dirt parking strip. Anyway, we put in and paddled to a nice little beach further west on the Point, and played in the sunshine and ate lunch. I remember chips and salsa. That was our summer of kayaking with chips and salsa. We'd put our picnic lunch in a soft-sided cooler and tuck it in the stern of one of the boats, and off we'd go. Turkey sandwiches and chips and salsa.

We paddled more that summer than we have in summers since, and just thinking about it all makes me a more than a little nostalgic and very anxious for the coming warm weather, and just thinking about it also made me remember the video I made with my cell phone on what was probably our third or fourth outing that first year. It was 2006, April 22. It's still on my phone, pixelated and tiny, a nine-second clip of Travis happily drumming on the top of his kayak while floating amid the easy light of the soon-to-set sun. The water was glassy and deep blue, and seagulls chattered overhead. What fun we had. I am looking forward to getting out on the water again.

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