Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Seattle - Day 4, The Polaroids

Skipping right past a plethora of K1000 images from Day 3 (I'll come back; there's a method to my madness), I give you the PX600 "Poor Pod" Polaroids (waterfront, Japanese maple, robot on Western Ave below Pike, and two pieces of art from Post Alley) and a trio of PX600 UV+ images (Mt. Rainier from the plane). I really, really love the Poor Pod film. Its tones are perfectly smooth and contrasty. The PX600 UV+ isn't my favorite, however, but the film is finicky and it may be that I just didn't have the best light conditions, or that this was an earlier version of the film. Either way, kudos to The Impossible Project. It's because of these folks that I even have b/w integral film to shoot in the first place, so I really can't complain.

I was never so happy and sad for a random Friday in Seattle. It meant class was coming to a close and I could go home, but it also meant I had to go home. I packed up all my things and my one souvenir (espresso and whiskey dark chocolate truffles from Fran's), then went to class for the morning. Soon enough we were cut loose, and one of the girls and I went back to Pike Place to experience it in all its daytime madness, but stopped by the waterfront first to check out a massive cruise ship that was docked and boarding its next round of passengers. We ate lunch at The Athenian at Pike and had a beautiful view of the waterfront below. We wandered the market, saw some fish-throwing, sampled more Chukar Cherry treats, smelled the flowers, bought some snacks, and meandered through the crowd. On the way back to the hotel in the afternoon, we stopped at Bottega Italiana for divine, sugar coma-inducing chocolate hazelnut gelato. It was a good thing we had a nice walk back to the hotel or else I would have fallen asleep on the sidewalk. It probably didn't help that I also bought a cheesecake bite in the market ten minutes earlier. Live and learn, eh? We (accidentally) walked past the Space Needle on our way back to the hotel for our luggage and the airport shuttle. Our flights were at similar times, so it really worked out great. It was really nice to have a Seattle buddy, so Deena, if you're reading this, thank you.

An hour or so of entertaining airport people-watching ensued, following by the bumpiest flight of my life, but before the bumps, there was a so-close-I-could-touch-it fly-by of Mt. Rainier. I don't know why I shot it with my Polaroid SLR 680. I wanted Polaroids of the mountain, but all the film I had left was a pack of the PX600 UV+ I had bought a few days earlier. I hoped the images would have been better/different, but no luck. But know this: it was extremely beautiful and very, very cool. On the descent into Salt Lake City, I think the plane fell out of the sky a little. The turbulence was the worst I've ever experienced and I was lifted up out of my seat more than once. People were bracing themselves and collective gasps and groans were heard for most of the descent. The flight attendants didn't even come around to collect garbage. It was insane. Once we landed, I booked it to the nearest exit and waited excitedly for my husband to drive up. I opened the door and on my seat was a little white paper bag with a dark chocolate-covered strawberry and a couple of truffles from Hatch Family Chocolates here in SLC. What a treat. We ate those chocolates on the way home, then busted into the espresso and whiskey truffles from Fran's. It was sweet to be home. Pun intended.

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