Friday, July 29, 2011

Seattle - Day 3, Midday Meander

black and white
red and yellow

I thought it was smart to post my June Seattle trip day by day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) but almost two months have passed and I've only posted half of my photos! I've done myself a bit of a disservice because I won't remember all the details. (And I like details.) No matter. It's high time I posted these pics and got them off my ever-growing to-post list because I've got a boatload of Portland pics and a yurt trip to share.

Day 3 was a photo-filled day. I shot most of a roll of 35 in my K1000 during lunch, and these are some of the shots from my midday meander between Aurora and Westlake, and Thomas and Republican. I burned through a lot of 35 on that trip because I wanted some of my own images, but I also had a roll or two to shoot for Vanessa and our Doubles project. (I'll be posting that roll soon on our blog. It's one of my favorite rolls yet!) I'll post the rest of my Seattle Day 3 images tomorrow, so come on back!


Vanessa said...

I love these photos! Yay for midday meanders.

debbie said...

these are gorgeous. i love the new doubles too!

Christina said...

i think i am positively in love with this post.