Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seattle - Day 3, The Polaroids

Total was a very filmy day, thanks to my stop at Glazer's Camera during lunch on Day 2. I went in for two rolls of Kodak Portra for my K1000 and walked out with $100 worth of film. I grabbed a 5-pack of Portra and as I stood in line, I noticed a stack of The Impossible Project's 60 UV+, so I grabbed two. $100 just like that. Anyway, back to Day 3. I took a walk down Thomas Street between Aurora and Westlake and shot most of a roll of 35mm in 10 minutes, and a few Polaroids. I had the most delicious Italian sub at Yellow Dot Cafe, then headed back to class for the afternoon. Side note: The Italian sub at Yellow Dot was so delicious that I had it three times that week. Lunch Wednesday, lunch Thursday, and (I'm a little ashamed to admit this) dinner Thursday. It was that good. Another side note: Some day I may travel the country in search of the best Italian sandwich and then I'll write a book about it. My husband will be with me in search of the best reuben.

After a few more slowly passing hours in the less-than-desirable conference room, 4 o'clock finally rolled around and one of the girls and I headed to Lake Union to explore. We bought trolley tickets but as we waited for the trolley, we realized just how close the lake was so we walked to its southern shore. We watched a few floatplanes take off as we wandered through the Virginia V Steamship and The Center for Wooden Boats. I went crazy with my K1000 here, and I'll share those photos tomorrow, and probably the next day too. So many! We rode the trolley down Westlake to Whole Foods for a treat, then walked back to the hotel. I'd never been to Lake Union and although we only saw a very small portion of it, I loved it. What a lovely place.

I dove into my second pack of The Impossible Project'sPX600 UV+ Poor Pod this day too, on the way back to the hotel. I really, really love this stuff and really, really wish I had bought more than just one six-pack. I'm out of luck though because it's sold out.

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Ashley said...

These photos are all so wonderful! I love the first one, and first PX600 UV+. And serious, Seattle has trolley buses!! Like San Fransisco style trolley buses?! I am way to excited by that.