Monday, July 25, 2011

Sparks Fly


Is it sappy to say this is how film photography makes me feel? Vanessa and I are having so much fun experimenting with double exposures. This image is from our fifth roll. I shot the fireworks and she shot the camera image. We were at the overlook on Neahkahnie Mountain on Highway 101 two weeks ago and as I loaded a decades-old roll of Kodachrome into my K1000, Vanessa asked me to hold it still for a photo. Serendipity. I don't think we could have planned this better had we tried. Please head on over to our blog, 35mm Doubles to see the rest of the roll and our previous four rolls. We've got three more done, developed and ready to share, so stay tuned. It's an understatement to say how excited we are about these upcoming rolls.

On another note, you wouldn't believe how many new images I have to share. I came home from Portland just over a week ago with 53 new Polaroids and two rolls of film (plus all the doubles), then I turned around the next day and went backpacking to a yurt with my husband. We stayed at Grizzly Ridge Yurt on the Ashley National Forest and I came home with nine more Polaroids and another half roll of 35. I've been on a photo frenzy lately and I love it! Stick around, there's a lot to share.

2 comments: said...

Yay! So exciting!

Ashley Moore said...

Hurray for more photos! Both from you as well as you and Vanessa together. I really love your doubles project so much. :D