Monday, July 06, 2009


First off, thank you to all of my friends for the kind condolences. My grandma was a wonderful person and the best grandma in the world and she will be sorely missed. It still doesn't seem real, and I still feel like I've got a dark rain cloud over my head, but I know my grandma is at peace and is with my grandpa after 17 years apart, and also with her parents and sisters, and they're all having a good ol' time together. I will always remember all the fun we had together and I know I'll meet up with her and my grandpa again someday...

A few weeks ago, we planned a trip to Flaming Gorge in northeastern Utah so I could do some Forest Service photography work, and with the tough week we had last week, we thought about canceling the trip and just staying home, but my granny wouldn't have wanted us sitting around moping, and we thought it would offer a nice distraction, so we hit the road Friday morning. It was a very busy weekend and we were running all over the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area the whole time. We put 800 miles on the car in three days, but saw some beautiful country and met some nice people. Here are just a few photos from Red Canyon, where we camped Friday night. As my husband snored away in the tent, I got up and watched the sunrise at 6 o'clock. More photos to come, including several Polaroids and a couple rolls through my Banner.

#15 on my list can officially be crossed off, but I'm sure we'll go on several more camping trips. I shot this last photo Saturday morning, which was morning #5 in a tent.


Kristy said...

Awesome as always! The Forest Service is luck to have you, those shot would make anyone wanna camp!
Again sorry about Granny, we really need to start seeing each other under better circumstances.

Wendy said...

Looks like a BEAUTIFUL trip. I LOVE camping...hope we'll get to tag along one of these days!