Thursday, July 30, 2009

I panicked.

Earlier this week, I panicked. My office is a bit of a disaster because I've been working two jobs, traveling a lot, and getting ready for my last scheduled photo exhibit of the year (yay!), and my husband uses the room as a catch-all lately, so his laptop, cords, and other miscellany are lying about. I finished editing my Polaroids from Idaho (these above and several others on Flickr) and figured it was high time I get my Banner negs developed. I shot two rolls in Flaming Gorge (or so I thought) that were still sitting on my desk, and two rolls in Idaho (or so I thought again) plus one still in my camera. I glanced over at the two rolls next to me and wondered where my Idaho rolls were. As the minutes passed, I became increasingly panicked, thinking I'd lost two rolls of film. After about an hour of searching over and over through the same pieces of luggage and camera bags, I gave up and took my only two rolls to Nichols the next morning to get developed. Well turns out I'd lost my mind apparently. I'd only shot 1 1/2 rolls at Flaming Gorge, and 1 1/2 rolls in Idaho, with that half still in my camera waiting to be finished. Every little 4x4 negative is accounted for and I remembered that this is why I don't like being as busy as I have been. I forget stuff and unnecessarily panic. But the Polaroids are nice.

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Nick Leonard said...

I would have been freaked out a bit as well if I was in that situation. These polaroids are wonderful!