Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I could live in any of these cottages in Cannon Beach, but especially the second, fourth, or sixth. The sixth cottage, the little purple two-story, is a favorite of mine and my dad's. It's just east of Hemlock on Van Buren, just up the road from where we stay in Cannon Beach. It's got beautiful copper rain chains off the rain gutters, and well, really, that's what we love most about it. The fourth cottage had a cozy hammock just to my right and was so dense with vivid green foliage that it seemed almost hidden. The second cottage, I just love. No reason other than it's just a lovely little place with pink flowers. I love Cannon Beach. It's very touristy, but so charming, and if you stay away from Hemlock and all the shops, you don't notice all the people. We've been not-noticing all the people for years now, which is what makes Cannon Beach so nice.


Nick Leonard said...

I really adore the first one, very simple. But I also love the last one because of the fense. :) Fabulous shots.

Wendy said...

Purple's my very favorite color, but I couldn't live rains too much!

anniebee said...

I want a sweet beachside cottage! Lovely polas Steph :)

p.s. I twittered about them: