Friday, March 06, 2009

Go Red Devils!

I only work four days a week, so it's not like my work weeks are ever that long, but when Friday rolls around, it's always a good feeling. And to think that we've got a night of bowling ahead of us tomorrow, well that makes today even sweeter.

These two Polaroids are from the swanky (ha!) Gravel Pit Lanes in Moab. The name alone pretty much explains it all. The parking lot was - you guessed it - gravel. The building looked like a giant shed. It was very small town, to say the least. We walked in and everyone in there had lip-curled, squinty-eyed, "You ain't local" looks on their faces, and I was convinced that someone in the place would have called their buddies at the local mechanic shop to tell them some out-of-towners were in bowling, and the mechanic shop folks would be in cahoots with the town sheriff, who would look the other way while they stripped my car. I was pleasantly surprised to see my car in one piece when we walked out later that night. Oh, and the best part, after we'd all bowled a frame, we cheered because one of us got a strike and immediately got asked by a kid in a Grand County High letterman's jacket if we were foreign. Huh? Go Red Devils!


Wendy said...

Nice pics, pal.
As always, I'm akin to the feet pic...those are my fave.

Edie said...

Love these!

burntheindustry said...

these are great!