Monday, March 23, 2009

Winners and Watercolors

First things first, the winners! Last Friday, I announced that my new website was live, and I did a giveaway, and the winners are Juli and Nadia! Would you guys Flickrmail me your addresses and I'll get your Polaroid prints in the mail. Congrats you two, and thank you both for frequenting my blog and commenting, and to everyone else who did/does too.

You might remember the list I posted on my 31st birthday back in January. Well, I'm happy to say that I can cross two more things off of it: #20 and #29. I've always wanted to learn how to paint with watercolors, and I finally did. I'm not an expert, I'm hardly even a beginner, but I did it. Tomorrow night is my last session of an eight-week class on Beginning Watercoloring taught by Richard Vroom through the University of Utah's Lifelong Learning program. By the end of the night tomorrow, I'll have five finished paintings, three of which I'll be proud of (one is already on my fridge), and two that will never see the light of day. I'm looking forward to using some of my Polaroids as reference photos and painting on my own here at home. I hope I don't forget what I've learned!

And since I've mentioned the list, I might as well report on my progress. I'm never crossing #7 off because you can never have too many, but I've made a few; #11 is well underway; doing ok with #12 thanks to a Moab road trip; getting a lot of practice already on #18 thanks to the beautiful spring weather; #19 is more than half done, gotta work on the Lubitel; #20 - done; I kind of cheated on #23 by finding someone who made it so I can update my website via Flickr, so that's done!; #29 - done; I don't think I'll ever cross #30 off either because you can never have enough good music, but so far, I'm loving Stephanie's Id, Iron and Wine, Kings of Leon, and The Uglysuit. All in all, pretty good progress I'd say!

Thanks again to all of you who visited my new website! I'm so happy with it and it was so nice to hear such great feedback. Thank you!

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