Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Steph | Elizabeth

Another week of paired images is up on our blog, Common Places Different Spaces. This time, Elizabeth and I shot at a food market in our cities. She at a produce stand, and I at Liberty Heights Fresh here in SLC. I'd never been to LHF before, but after meeting Steven, the owner, and some of his great staff, and of course seeing what his shop has to offer, I'll definitely return. He was wonderfully accomodating, interested in our project, and he was extremely friendly, so thank you Steven! I left with a few Polaroids, a finished 35mm roll from my K1000, a Fizzy Lizzy pineapple soda (that I added peach schnapps to when I got home - YUM!), and a deeelicious candied hazelnut chocolate bar from Charles Chocolates. Almost good enough to die for. I've got to get back to LHF for more!

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