Friday, August 17, 2012

'Roid Week - Day 5



Today is Day 5. 'Roid Week is coming to a close. Say it isn't so! I love this week because it promotes such a wonderful sense of community, which can be hard to come by on the internet. I love seeing so many outstanding instant images and getting introduced to new Polaroid photogs. It's a wonderful week. 'Roid Week used to be held twice a year, in spring and fall, but now that it's only once a year, it makes it that much more special. Thank you to Cate and Lori for starting 'Roid Week in 2006 and keeping it going, The Impossible Project for giving all of us Polaroid lovers film to continue to shoot, and to Dr. Edwin Land, the visionary behind Polaroid. It's still just as magical as it the day it was invented in 1947.

For Day 5, I posted two images made with original 600 film. It's the Polaroid film that started it all for me, and I love it so much. I've still got 10 packs hanging around in my fridge. They all expired 09/09, and are starting to get just a little wonky, but that's ok. Polaroids are never perfect. That's part of the fun. The top image is from my wonderfully foggy morning at Redfish Lake near Stanley, Idaho in July. The second image is from this past weekend, made on a walk along the Henry's Fork of the Snake River in Island Park, Idaho. I almost feel like I've spent more time in Idaho this summer than at home.

Well, that's it from me for 'Roid Week 2012. Take some time to peruse the group pool over on Flickr. You'll be amazed. And check out this great interview with Cate and Lori by The Impossible Project to keep you going just a little longer. 

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