Wednesday, August 15, 2012

'Roid Week - Day 1


Spud Drive In

It's 'Roid Week! It's five days of Polaroid-filled bliss that I look so forward to each year. In years past, I have made special outings during 'Roid Week to shoot some instant film during the week, but this year, I have 72 Polaroids saved up since June that I still need to post to my Flickr photostream. They are all from my work in the field for the US Forest Service, and I've been out so much that I haven't had time to scan, edit, or post them, but thanks to 'Roid Week, I was inspired to sit down and scan and edit my brains out, then share some of my favorites here and on Flickr.

Each day of 'Roid Week over Flickr, we're allowed to post just two photos to the group pool, and let me tell you, people share incredible stuff. Many photographers save up their favorites and/or their best shots all year, just waiting for 'Roid Week to roll around. I decided to mix my 'Roid Week up a bit. Like I said, I usually shoot during the week, but I've got so many images already, it just makes sense to use what I've got.

Each day this week, I am posting a different format and film. On Day 1, I posted these two images, both from my SX-70 on PX-70 film from The Impossible Project. The first is from Panguitch, Utah in June, on my second outing for the Forest Service this summer. The second is from a fun trip with Heather to the Tetons and Bridger-Teton National Forest. The Spud Drive In can be found in lovely little Driggs, Idaho, and one day, I want to watch a double feature there.

Stay tuned for more instant filmy goodness!

PS: Thank you Vanessa for being so smart. Why didn't I think of posting my 'Roid Week entries on my blog? Instant blog posts! I need some of those now and then. Who am I kidding? I always need instant blog posts, given the rate I update this space lately.

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