Thursday, August 16, 2012

'Roid Week - Day 4



It's Day 4 of 'Roid Week. Today I posted two images from my Polaroid Automatic 104 Land Camera and Fuji FP-100C film. Just like yesterday's images with FP-3000B film, Fuji's color film is new to me too. I shot my first pack in Stanley, Idaho in July, and these two images came from my second pack, which I shot this past weekend. I peeled the film differently than I have in the past, just so I could hang on to the funky borders. I like them... for now.

The top image is from a Nez Perce Trail crossing on the Kilgore-Yale Road in Idaho, east of Island Park. We traveled to Island Park from the west via I-15, instead of the usual Highway 20. A 50-mile dirt road led us from Stoddard Creek to Steel Creek, Kilgore, then Island Park. It was my last field trip for the Forest Service. Ever. After four years of contracting, I finally completed my project! It's a bittersweet feeling, that's for sure. I'm happy to not be on the road 3-4 days a week, but I'm sad because it means I'm not out in the woods every day!

The second image is from a walk we took last Saturday night along the Henry's Fork of the Snake River in Island Park. We camped at Flat Rock Campground just off Highway 20 and the river flowed just down the hill from our site. We came upon a cabin with this red canoe out front, and the owners of both were fly-fishing in the river. We talked for a few minutes and then went on our way. The trip was the perfect ending to my project.

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Can you tell us how you '...peeled the film differently'?