Monday, December 21, 2009

Target Tree

Travis and I normally get a 6' real tree at Christmas. We go to a Christmas tree lot, tromp around for a few minutes selecting the perfect tree, tie it to the roof of the car, hack off the bottom of the trunk in the driveway, drag it through the door, and then futz with the tree stand for half an hour, but this year, because we were out of town all last week and didn't want a live tree in the house with no water, we opted for an inexpensive 2' pre-lit Target brand Christmas tree in a lovely little red pot that matches my furniture perfectly. We bought a bag of cranberries and each made a garland, and from the Target paper sack, I cut out a star for the top of the tree. It's our low-key, effortless Christmas tree. Next year, we'll pick up our regular traditions again.

If I don't have time to post in this space again this week, I hope you all have a very memorable and happy holiday. May you get everything you wish for!


Wendy said...

i like.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you too. I always say, no matter what the size, real or fake, ALWAYS put up a tree. So cheers to you. Great little photo by the way.

Non said...

I love your target tree and you added the homemade touch with the hand-strung cranberries. PS Your
Christmas card is outstanding as always. It's a highlight of my Christmas - - what image has she captured this year?


Christina said...

Wow! It is crazy how small the internet is. So just how did you end up on mine? Just curious! I wasn't surprised to see you are an expert blogger...I remember you being a journal writer. Ah! Good Ol' JC Penney days!
I love your work and it is SO good to hear from you! Take care and I would love to hear from you again!