Friday, December 11, 2009


In my attempt to cross off #9, I checked out and got extremely excited that there were so many booths in the SLC area. Last Saturday, after bowling in the desert in a snow storm, my friend Christina and I drove to the first booth on the list in Murray and found that it was no longer there. The clerk I asked even laughed at me. We trudged back through the snow and decided to call the other Kmart stores and of the four others on my list, only one store still had a booth: the Woods Cross Kmart. We drove there, got some change from the customer service booth, and I climbed in. These five strips are the results. The fourth frame on each strip was black so I edited it out. I'm happy we spent some quality time at the Kmart, even though I wanted to wash my hands and my clothes afterward, but #9 is officially off the list.

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