Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Office

Last Saturday morning we hit the road for the day so I could chalk up a few hours for my summer job. We drove almost 400 miles round trip to the mountains east of Fairview, Utah and back, and saw a lot of beautiful scenery that we didn't realize existed. These two images are digital (boo) and originally color, but I converted them in PS to something I like better. The color versions were nice, but I felt like some black and white this morning. The first one is off Miller Flat Road in the morning, the second one in Huntington Canyon after a really bad lunch of the dryest turkey sandwiches on earth.

We stopped in Huntington to grab lunch, thinking the grocery store deli would be our best bet, since the only other eating establishment was a Subway. We figured we'd grab some rolls, some fresh-sliced deli turkey, some provolone, and some dijon mustard, but we were amused to find that the only meats the deli had were pepperoni, roast beef, and pastrami. We asked for some free mustard packets and made our way to the refrigerator section, where we grabbed some relatively appetizing-looking prepackaged mesquite turkey, some string cheese instead of provolone because there was none to be had, a small loaf of fresh French bread, and some chips. I made the sandwiches from the passenger seat as we were driving up the canyon. They provided us with full bellies, but they were gross sandwiches. We made up for it at dinner with chile verde burritos at Porcupine Pub in Salt Lake.

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Liz said...

maybe you're on a constant journey...and no deli meat too small.
Great things are coming your way!