Friday, June 19, 2009


I got to spend some quality time in the Ace Hotel photobooth last Sunday with Elizabeth. She's got the other strips posted on her blog. Warning: they're pretty geeky. Why is it so cool to take pictures of cameras?

I flew to Portland Sunday morning and had the flight almost to myself. It was so nice to have an entire row to myself. Beth picked me up and we headed to Hawthorne for some shopping. I picked up a used copy of the Sunset Western Garden book for $12, a sun print kit, and a cute little green wallet covered in owls, and a styrofoam cooler and some ice from the Fred Meyer. Huh? Yeah. We went to Kenny & Zukes for lunch, and since I was meeting my dad in Cannon Beach later that day, and since he was raised in Queens, NY on good Jewish deli food, I had to take him some pastrami, potato salad, onion bagels and scallion cream cheese. After lunch, we hit the photobooth, and the Whole Foods for desserts (which I'm praying our Whole Foods carries), and cruised out to Fort Stevens. We checked out the wreck of the Peter Iredale, and Battery Russell and got freaked out by birds and boys playing laser tag in the battery. Beth dropped me off in Cannon Beach so I could spend the week with my dad and nephew and his pal Josh. I was sad to see her go, but we get to spend some time together again tomorrow while she passes through Utah on her way down south. Yay!

I had a wonderful time with my dad and took about 50 more Polaroids and five rolls of film. I shot color and black & white in my new Banner (see post below), and a couple color rolls in my Duaflex, and I'll be dropping them off soon this morning. I haven't scanned anything other than this photobooth strip, but I'll work on everything Monday.

The Kenny & Zukes fare was a huge hit with my dad. He loved it all! Thanks for a great trip, Dad!

PS: Why does Southwest Airlines' orange juice always taste like bacon-infused OJ? Yuck.

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Misti said...

I was blog hopping from Hula Seventy (love your site and photos) but I have to comment that I was stoked to see you had a link to a Grace Potter blog!! I thought I was the only one loving GPN!