Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Always Loved Winter

Have I mentioned I love this park?
I don't think I've ever been more ready for winter to be over. Up until three or four years ago, I always loved winter, wished it would be longer and snowier and colder, but now, not so much. I still love big snowstorms and I will always love eating freshly fallen snow (but not "pee snow" of "dirt snow" as my niece Maggie says), and of course I love shooting images like these with my Lubitel on snowy days, but for the most part, I crave sunshine and clean air and bare feet. I said hello to the kayaks yesterday as I pulled my car in the garage. I miss them terribly.


madorange said...

Me too! I miss t-shirts, skirts and flip flops. I am tired of layers and layers of clothing even while inside because our house is always freezing. Not that I should complain too much as we've had warmer temperatures here, but still, it's winter.

Your winter photos are beautiful!

Wendy said...

I like 'em. Very pristine...which is what I love about winter. Quiet. Pristine. Chilly.

Matt Allen Photography said...

beautiful shots. I just came back from California to Massachusetts last year at the tail end of winter, so this is really my first full winter back. The snow has been nice, but I'm ready for spring too, if for nothing else than warmer weather to get outdoors and shoot more.

Josh Jones said...

excellent images! i love the tones in these!