Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There is no flower in the world that I love more than Yarrow. It's so simple, elemental, and beautiful. It's colorful, hardy, and smells woodsy. It's my favorite, especially the patch of it in my dad's garden at the cabin. The cabin itself is one of my favorite places in the world, and the Yarrow just makes it more special. This particular patch is shadowed by a few-years-old aspen tree and the edge of an expanse of scrub oak. A log porch swing sways in the gentle mountain breeze a few feet away, and the creek gurgles just beyond. It's one of many ideal spots at the cabin.

We had a busy weekend, but a nice one at that. I helped my sister and her family move into her new house Saturday, and that night, Travis and I took a nice drive over the North Ogden Divide up to the cabin for dinner. Wolf Mountain ski resort (formerly Nordic Valley, which is what I will always call it!) is just down the road from the cabin, and they were hosting an outdoor concert, so we ate tasty Alpine Pizza and listened to whatever cover band was jamming as the sun went down. It was a lovely night, and one I'd love to repeat.

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Anonymous said...

Now I can finally leave you some comments.
That sounds like the perfect night...pizza and live tunes and the setting sun...dreamy. I'm quite smitten with the cabin as well, despite only having seen one photo.
Your goodie-box should be arriving this week :)