Thursday, August 07, 2008


When you get the chance to see Yonder Mountain String Band three nights in a row, you take it. They played in Salt Lake City last Thursday night, then Friday at the Boulder Theater in lovely Boulder, Colorado, and Saturday night at Red Rocks in Morrison, and we were there for all three.
Usually when we go to Boulder, we stay at the hostel up on the hill and usually, it's decent (just decent). Well, we'd never been to Boulder in August and failed to take the hostel's lack of air conditioning into account. When we got back to our room at 1 o'clock Saturday morning, it was hotter than holy Hell. An hour and a half later, we packed up our stuff and found a hotel room with a/c. By 2:30 AM, we'd been up for 21 hours and we weren't thinkin' quite right, so we ended up at a swanky hotel (instead of say, the Best Western) and paid way too much, but we had cool air, a comfortable bed, a clean bathroom, and absolute peace and quiet, so we really didn't care. Saturday morning when we finally rolled out of bed at 11, we spotted the pool on our way to get breakfast and decided right then and there that we would spend the remainder of our trip in lounge chairs poolside. It was the best decision we've made in some time. I love Boulder.

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