Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Sun

I should be working on the magazine or eating lunch or sweeping my gorgeous new kitchen floor or creating my Polaroid wall in my Foto Hut or any number of other things, but I feel like doing this instead.

I joined The Photo Trade this month and have really had a tough time coming up with photos I like. My lovely new backyard isn't as photogenic (yet) as my old backyard and the beautiful direct late evening sun is blocked by a stand of trees across the way, so if I want to shoot "into the light" as the June Photo Trade theme directs, I have to go somewhere else. Another issue I'm having is that I generally don't shoot directly into the sun so it's been a challenge re-thinking how to shoot this way, but it's been rewarding so far and I hope my trade partner thinks so too.

There's a nice little park alongside Highway 89 in Kaysville (or is it Fruit Heights?) that I drove past daily (for two years) on my long commute home to Ogden up until a month ago. Giant old trees border the park's west edge and from one of them hangs a rope swing, and almost everyday I'd think "I need to shoot that!" and I finally did. Trav and I drove there one night last week right as the light was just getting to that yellowy/orangey/sunsety/summery goodness and I made a few Polaroid shots including this one. It's my favorite of the bunch because to me, it's summer: Airy, summery sandals kicked off in the long, cool green grass. (And if you could see my feet, you'd see summer feet too: Chaco-tanned with one blister!) We each took our turn on the swing, and while I made photos, Trav climbed up one of the trees. The finally-summer weather is so welcome!

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tifanie said...

beautiful shot!