Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Love(s)

Living much closer to Salt Lake City sure has its benefits, many of which I'm sure we've yet to discover, but we came upon a new one last night, a new love: Lone Star Taqueria. It's on Fort Union and 23rd east and has THE best tacos ever. We were amazed at how fresh and not-greasy they were, and wanted to just have more tacos for dessert. The bad thing about Lone Star though is that it's in Utah and is therefore closed on Sunday, and that blows.

On our way home, we stopped at The Yogurt Stop on Main and 5th South in Bountiful and found another new love. For a while now, we've lamented the loss of Country Boy Dairy in North Ogden, but we're thinking The Yogurt Stop is a fair replacement. The CBD made ice cream that was just ok, but we never went for the ice cream. We went for the country bumpkin North Ogden folk people-watching. Big hair, red hair, d-bag monster truck hillbillies, crazy made-up kid names, teenager employee girls named Becca and things that started with Mc (McKenna, McKenzie, McKell, McCall, McWhatever). The CBD closed a couple summers ago after being open longer than I've been alive, which is sad because it was quite the experience for non-North Ogden people. We have friends who'd drive up to the CBD from Salt Lake (40 miles). It was that cool. Anyway, I digress. The Yogurt Stop was teeming with screaming, noisy kids, some with red hair, and I swear all of them ran into me and ended up smacking me in the crotch (why do kids do that?). Some of the moms had big blonde Bountiful hair, and SUVs and minivans lined the parking lot. We weren't inside long enough to hear any names hollered out, but I'm sure there was a Mc_______ somewhere in there. While there are similarities, the big difference between The Yogurt Stop and the CBD is the quality of the goods. The frozen yogurt was actually very tasty. Ok, it was delicious, and we're going back the first chance we get, but not today, because Bountiful is closed on Sunday.

As if two new loves weren't enough, I have a third: this post's photo. I made it for The Photo Trade theme for June, "Into the Light", the same theme I talked about in my previous post. It turns out that despite being a challenge to shoot this way, I sure love it. I hope you find some new loves this summer too.

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