Sunday, September 11, 2005


Why is it that my mind can hold a million ideas, all zig-zagging and bouncing off one another, but I can’t put them in some form of conscious thought? It’s irritating. I must not be in the mood. Streaming straight from my head, some random thoughts:

we’re out of eggs
“get on the train, the train, the train… say goodbye”
this new jacket
raspberry margarita
change is constant
yesterday was crazy
buy David Gray tickets tomorrow
yesterday was fun
“summer’s beginning to give up her fight”
I wish I had a metal Slinky
go look at the pumpkins
hey baby
stitched panos
that box should be downstairs
I should watch Garden State again
I should water my garden
all things happen for a reason
embrace it
run with it
have fun with it
it’s good for me
it’s different
it’s a change
it won’t last
I wonder if he’s got a website
she refused to let common sense cloud her judgment
what a fine album
way too many rings
Frisbee-throwin’ skeleton
“sometimes I feel like an evolutionary reject”
turkey sandwich
don’t forget Scrabble on Thursday
pink feather boa
second-day air?
I just wish
I worry about her
it's been a year already

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