Friday, September 23, 2005

Guardsman Pass

I've been in a bit of a photographic rut lately and in order to inspire myself to bust out of it, I've been jotting down different ideas and things I've been wanting to try. Stitched panoramas are at the top of my list and this one is my first. I'm elated, to say the least. You have to know of my love affair with all things Autumn and then I'm just happy that I tried something new and unfamiliar. I tend to stick to routines and the same old same old, so it's a big deal for me when I do something out of my ordinary. At any rate, I was able to greet this wonderful season this past week with three cameras, a chilly rain storm and a good photo buddy. We took a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City and over Guardsman Pass to Heber, Utah. Needless to say, it was absolutely gorgeous.


mtbbrian said...

I love this photo!
I'd love to hear more about how you did it!

Tanya said...

I love fall and birch trees too. Nice shot!