Monday, March 03, 2014


Every fiber of my being is consumed... by thoughts of the months ahead, of road trips, sand, and fog, of relationships new and old, of gardening and sunshine, of music and photography, and projects galore. I have been so consumed I forgot it was my blog's anniversary. February 2005 to February 2014. Nine years last week. So much has happened in that time. So much growing, loving, and learning. So many photos and snippets of my life shared with the world. I can only hope the next nine years are as beautiful as these past nine have been.

I haven't been much of a blogger lately, and in the olden days, I'd make an effort to try to correct that, but it's just not my thing anymore. Maybe it's temporary. Maybe not. Life is just too busy. I love the idea of posting often and being more involved, but I can't promise to make it a reality. It doesn't help that I haven't picked up a camera in months. Really. September was the last time I shot anything, besides iPhone photos I post over on Instagram. I always have a lull this time of year, but this time it's different. My whole world has sort of been shaken up, in a good way, and sometimes I think about phasing photography out of it and the thought doesn't entirely bother me. Maybe I'm just getting older, or more conscientious of where I spend my money. Or maybe I'm just shifting my focus onto other things. My fridge is still full of (now expired) film though, and my closet is full of cameras, so it's not like I'm closing up shop any time soon.

But since I'm here, why not make an honest-to-goodness blog post? I began reading bits of Shutterbean over the weekend, where Tracy shares lists of things she loves. And we all know about Andrea's penchant for lists... So, instead of posting a bunch of photos (because as a photo editor, the last thing I feel like doing is editing my own photos), here's a list of things I'm loving these days...

1. The best/weirdest-looking espresso maker ever.
2. Long email conversations with faraway friends.
3. This Tiny Desk Concert from 2010.
4. Dreaming up an epic road trip.
5. Chocolate, but not just any chocolate.
6. Anything and everything by Amy Hamilton.
7. This post about the anonymity of the internet.
8. Somehow I've fallen in love with New Girl.
9. Chocolate croissants and lattes.
10. We have gone through hundreds of these since Christmas already.
11. Karly's snow day.
12. A new recipe for soup.
13. These two and the ensuing laughter.
14. Croc-like but oh, so much better!
15. The trifecta: booze, espresso, ice cream.


Kelly said...

I look at this photo, and I can smell the sea. I like your list, and I'm going to go click on each link. I was just thinking about chocolate croissants today....channeling Austrian pastry. Yum.

Ashley Moore said...

I'm glad that life is going well, even if it's being shaken up a bit. From the sounds of it, the shake up is good and I'm happy to hear that you are looking forward to so many beautiful things.

Also, affogato is heaven.