Tuesday, March 11, 2014


When I was in college for my undergrad, my favorite photography instructor would go on and on about how much she hated vertical photos. She taught four (or maybe five?) of my six photo classes, and after just one semester, I started to develop my own dislike of them. I found them aesthetically displeasing. They seemed truncated, as if I tore out the last chapter of a book, or left off an essential garnish on a favorite dish. Horizontal or square seemed to make much better sense in my head. But I also had a fear of being marked down for producing a body of vertical photos, so there was that.

My instructor's sentiments stuck with me though, and it took almost 10 years before I shot anything vertically. I shot a roll of 35 last summer and forced myself to think up-and-down, instead of left-to-right. I could feel my instructor rolling her eyes at me. But I did it, and I sort of liked it. I really love the idea of shooting two vertical images and pairing them as a diptych, a la my most favorite photos ever of Heather Howard's (but let's be honest... everything she does is amazing), and when I have more time to shoot this summer, I'm going to give it a try. I don't think in pairs, so it'll be a fun challenge.
And since I'm posting again, twice this month even, how about another little list? I've been working on gathering some links over the past week, so here you go...

1. The Subversive Charm of Day Drinking - It's from 2012, but was a fun little read. Bonus points for the playlist at the end.
2. The Salt and Pepper Diner - Anything John Mulaney, but especially this.
3. Urban Farming Magazine - Hooray for a new subscription! Can't wait to get my first copy.
4. Egg Quesadillas w/Poblano Corn Relish - These are going on my table tomorrow. Fo sho.
5. Which classic rock band are you? - Led Zeppelin. Rightfully so.
6. Barack, Between Two Ferns - So much of me wants Zach Galifianakis to be like this in real life.
7. Want, want, want x4 - I love Klean Kanteen!
8. Tour de Coffee - There should be a tour for the entire Oregon Coast. Just saying.
9. Crunchy Quinoa Granola - Getting a batch in the oven this afternoon.
10. The Doubles Project - You need some new art on your walls.


Juli said...

Have you read Rosie Schaap's memoir, Drinking with Men? It's a good read. (She wrote the NYT article you list at #1.)

Ashley Moore said...

That's so strange about shooting vertically. My first photography teacher would always waggle his finger at us if we didn't take any vertical photos. 'The camera has two built in aspect ratios, horizontal AND vertical.' he would tell us.

Personally though, my favorite aspect ratio is probably square... I love how things look shot in a square aspect.