Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little Prayers on the Wind

I bought this little string of prayer flags from a shop on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado a few years ago and on a whim, I packed them for our camping trip at Little Redfish Lake in Idaho. We met Vanessa, Cal and Cal's son Josh there on a warm, end-of-summer day in August, and stayed four nights in the shadow of the rugged Sawtooth Range. We camped, kayaked, boated, swam, wasted a lot of film, told many a story around the campfire, built rock cairns, swapped cameras, stargazed, wandered Ketchum, inhaled a lot of wildfire smoke, and otherwise soaked up every bit of summer sun we could.  But back to the prayer flags. I never knew a $3 Colorado souvenir would bring me so much joy. Or subject matter. And how about that campsite? Isn't it the best? More later...

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