Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I stumbled upon a beautiful collaboration called Winterness through lovely Three Winks last night and spent the better part of two hours reading through it. When the time came to close my browser and climb into bed, I did so with an overwhelming I'm-done-with-winter feeling and the desire to begin a new collaborative project. The who, the what, and the how I'm not sure of yet, but I do know that I need something to help beat these gray March weather days that - without fail - leave me uninspired to pick up a camera, and I miss my cameras. I miss shooting Polaroid. I miss creativity. I miss the camaraderie of a photography buddy. I want an excuse to get out and waste some film. I want color and light and composition. I want commitment and shared excitement. I need something new on my plate.

As I stared up at the ceiling for most of the night last night, thoughts of a new collaboration crossed my mind several times. I've been involved with several photography-based projects and I want this one to be as well, though I'd like to somehow incorporate words, text, sentences, stories into the work. I love to write and don't do it nearly enough, and I love to pair my images with narratives, despite how hard my college photo instructor tried teaching me to leave the stories up to the viewer. Though I valued her experience and knowledge, I had to disagree with her. I'm a storyteller and that's what I do, but I had to keep a lid on it during class critiques. Thankfully that's years behind me now and I can do whatever I want, especially in my own little corner of the blogosphere. I digress. Over the next few days, I'll be brainstorming about the particulars and looking forward to sharing an internet space with some friends, whomever they may be. I'm excited about the possibility of something new and fresh in this rainy gray mud season.

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Ashley said...

This post articulates much of what I feel right now. I'm yearning to do a collaborative project with people, but sadly it will have to wait for a bit longer.

I love photos paired with words and stories. I can't wait to see what your brainstorming comes up with.