Monday, November 08, 2010

'Roid Week Rocks

As much as I hate to admit it, I think I've resigned to posting in this space once a month. Several times a week, I think "Hey, I should update my blog" but then I get busy with other things and forget. I've had a busy month, both with work and play. We've had a lot of family time, a lot of Netflix-watching in bed, and a lot of cooking going on. There's been a little pumpkin-carving with the neighbors and some concert-going too. It's been a lovely month really, just a little too busy for my taste.

The great thing about this past month is that just last week was 'Roid Week 2010! Five wonderful days of Polaroid. I shot quite a bit between two different photo outings with friends and my quick trip to Boise, and seeing all of my Polaroids (38 of them!) just makes me so happy for the future of instant film. Here are a few of my favorites from the week...

impossible to resist

Polaroid Padawan



And to stretch the Polaroid fun just a little longer, Words to Shoot By featured it this week. Go on over and check out some amazing work.


Monique said...

Love these. The record store shot is just bliss.

Giselle said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the one of the camera on the chair.

Gahh, I wish I had a polaroid camera...

Ashley said...

They're all so fantastic Steph! Polaroid week is one of my favorite times of year. :D